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Where Have You Been?

Published 8 months ago

It's been way too long! Ryan and Ice have been incredibly busy this summer. Not a lot of time to sit and record an episode. Sorry episodes have slowed down. :(


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Published Oct. 16th 2023

Where Have You Been?

It's been way too long! Ryan and Ice have been incredibly busy this summer. Not a lot of time to sit and record an episode. Sorry episodes have slowed down. :(

Published Feb. 6th 2023

Bowling With Warriors

This episode Ryan gets on a soapbox about the non-working musician (weekend warrior). The comparison he makes between amateur bowling and the weekend musician.

Published Jan. 27th 2023

Welcome To 2023

Ryan and Ice finally get back together and recap the last 9 months of no podcasting. They also discuss how they're growing into 2023 with new goals and mindsets. As well as tease about a new collaborative musical project. Go ahead and get your listen on!

Published Mar. 22nd 2022

Stitch And Bitch - Part 3

We pickup with singing parts in your head, and then translating it to the fingers or limbs. Converting a musical part that is simply a complied piece in your head to a physical expression is much more difficult than you might think. It is really amazing how easy it is to think of a complex, but elegant part, just to find out how hard it is to replicate physically. This technique is a very good way to level up your musical skill. Plus I find that it really helps me be a better listener. Ice and I both believe that listening to what is happening around you is at least 90% of what it means to make music. It's easy to forget, or not even realize that making music is a group effort (not for all, solo artist for example). Obviously making good musical choices are very important, as is listening to what others are “saying” and understanding the musical conversation happening around you. Without good listening skills, how can you hear the questions asked? Simple, you can't. We can all be better listeners. Listening is not merely hearing something. It is hearing it, understanding it, then choosing a proper response…. if needed.


Published Mar. 8th 2022

Stitch And Bitch - Part 2

We pick up where we left off from the last episode. At this point we are discussing finding new ways to play similar patterns and parts from a different prospective. These types of techniques can be hard at first, but of course with enough practice and pushing past what feels uncomfortable, you can find yourself leveling up your skill. Ice calls this the headroom concept. I really like this idea! We also hit a few pet peeves.


Published Feb. 22nd 2022

Stitch And Bitch - Part 1

This episode starts off with Ice calling in on his new Phonfreq by Solomon Designs. This microphone is a super cool one of a kind tool. We both believe it is a must have for your project studio. In this episode, we get a bit carried away and had to split it into 3 parts. We managed to get off topic and had a small rant about what it means to make music and find your voice. Hang in there, this has some cool stuff and funny moments.