Published Mar. 16th 2021

Part 1 - Our Favorite Records Based On Emotion And Sound

This episode we talk about some of our favorite records. These selections are based on the sound that the musicians and producers were able to get out of the project. We go into detail about the sounds and the emotion that is derived from these compilations.


Published Mar. 18th 2021

Part 2 - Our Favorite Records Based On Emotion And Sound

In this episode we continue our discussion about the magic albums of our past.


Published May. 4th 2021

Our Favorite Gear, Tools And Gadgets! Part 1

We talk about the great Mitch Hedberg, the latest PEV craze.... EUCs (electric unicycles). Then we get into it with some of our favorite gear we depend on for every gig or session. Matt starts thing off with the only drum sticks anyone should ever purchase, Vic Firth. Then I (Ryan) talk about my biggest pet peeve of all. CRAPPY MIC STANDS! IMO, A good high-quality mic stand is worth its weight in gold. After that we find out how seriously Ice takes his gum chewing. Let me save you some trouble, don't ask him for a piece.


Published May. 11th 2021

Our Favorite Gear, Tools And Gadgets! Part 2

This episode we finish up our favorite gear, tools and gadgets lists. But before we do. We are asking you all to drop us a suggestion if you've got one. Just go to Our Suggestion Box. We start off our convo with cool techie wearables like, the Apple Watch and Fitbit. Then roll into some music related gear with some personal recording devices and tools that make a drummers life easier. After that Ryan get carried away with power tools for a bit. Below is a solid list of the things we covered in this episode.